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On our recent tour of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, we visited Town Branch Distillery in Lexington. In addition to their Town Branch bourbon and Kentucky Ale beers, they also make Kentucky Sundown, a coffee flavored liquor with a bit of bourbon and sugar infused for additional layers of flavor. The back of the bottle features the recipe for a deliciously warm cocktail perfect for the rainy fall days the weatherman is predicting will come later this week.


Bluegrass Sundown ~ The Cocktail

Shake the Bluegrass Sundown well and measure out into a glass. Add the boiling water and stir. Tilt the back of a spoon touching the liquid and gently pour the heavy cream over the spoon. This allows the cream to float on the top. As you drink, the hot mixture will flow through the cold cream. The contrast is as divine as the flavor. Makes one cocktail.