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Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company in Lexington KY is the first distillery to be built in Lexington for over 100 years. They make several awesome beverages including Town Branch Bourbon and the Kentucky Ale beers. Their most popular beers in this area include Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout. Both are tasty if you like bourbon (the beer is stored in a used bourbon barrel for about 6 weeks). I will try to review them in the future but today I am going to write about the IPA because it is my new favorite beer.


We first tried this IPA while on a tour of Town Branch (a future post will detail this). We sampled each beer – Kentucky Ale, Kölsch, IPA, Bourbon Barrel Ale, and Bourbon Barrel Stout. Of each, this was my favorite.

The beer itself is a nice clear golden color. with very little head when poured from a bottle. It has 6.5% alcohol by volume and has a lot of carbination. The flavor full of a bright, citrusy flavor and the hops add a dry bitterness that is nice but not overwhelming. For me, this is a nice sipping beer. Not something I would drink tons of in one sitting(not that I ever really over do it on beer anyway). I like it when grilling. My husband thought it was terrible (he hates the “overwhelming” hops flavor). Oh well! MORE FOR ME! hehe