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This is my second year growing my own garden. I have had success and failure both years. I am not nearly as good at this as my grandparents. I don’t know very many tricks of the trade. But I am learning new things each year.

DSC_0897You can use a 1:1 parts Epsom salt and water mixture to spray your bell pepper plants that bloom and bloom without every bearing fruit. Apparently this malady is caused by a lack of magnesium. Who knew?!


Cucumbers vines trellis really well but you have to look for new cucumbers nearly every day, otherwise they turn into orange or yellow monstrosities that are disgusting! I knew this already but I always had my mom reminding me to go look at them.


Place tomatoes on your counter stem side down. This slows the rotting process.

What great garden or vegetable tips do you have?