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Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be. ~ Rick Warren

Last year I published 26 Things to Do Before I Turn 27.

Here is what I accomplished on that list~

  • Eat a food I have never previously tried  7/18/12 – Jack fruit
  • Make pizza on the grill  8/3/12 – see post here
  • Go to a wine tasting  9/12/12 – Breax Winery in Loudon County, VA
  • Run another 5K – October 2013, Komen 5K, Lex KY
  • Make homemade pasta 9/15/12 – gnocchi 
  • Repair a relationship. If not able to repair it, heal from the loss and move forward.  

Not nearly as successful as I thought I would be. I have a lot of things in the works. This next year, I want to keep on track. Accomplish more. And have as great a year next year as I did this year!


27 Things to Do Before I Turn 28!

  1. Travel outside of the country. Canada counts. (this Sept vacation!)
  2. Red presidential biographies through President Martin Van Buren. (stuck at Jefferson)
  3. Finish the cross stitch project I started last year. 
  4. Go to Thunder Over Louisville. (I MISSED IT in 2013!!!)
  5. Get a professional massage.
  6. Purchase new furniture for my house.
  7. Paint my kitchen.
  8. Go out on a fancy date with the hubby.
  9. Buy a bookshelf for my National Geographic collection… Yes, I am a nerd!
  10. Start a compost pile.
  11. Buy a decorator kit and make gorgeous cupcakes.
  12. See Niagara Falls. (trip planned for September)
  13. Go canoeing/kayaking.
  14. Volunteer at a worthy charity/organization.
  15. Buy a pair of chopsticks and learn how to use them.
  16. Mail a secret to PostSecret (my most favorite blog).
  17. Go to IKEA.
  18. Dye my hair red (or a shade of red).
  19. Be able to do 10 push-ups without a break.
  20. Work on my flower beds.
  21. See something in the Southwest.
  22. Make my own homemade sausage.
  23. Figure out my religious views.
  24. Complete 25,000 words on my novel.
  25. Read 50 books in 2013.
  26. Make all this year’s Christmas gifts.
  27. Get Michelle Obama arms. (I have no idea how to measure this but I am gonna try!)