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In my kitchen…


… are two adorable little mugs from my grandmother. They were freebies from Nestle, back when companies used to entice you to buy their products with promises of neat little things (provided you collect and mail in enough UPC codes). I remember drinking weak instant coffee out of these mugs when I was little. When Grammy offered them to me, I was thrilled to get them. Now when I am homesick, I drink out of them and remember good things from my childhood.

In my kitchen…


… is Baby Lurch, the new aloe vera plant. My friend Christine has the original Lurch, who apparently is trying to take over her home. I hope Baby Lurch is an enthusiastic grower too!

In my kitchen…


… is this adorable little swizzle stick. I bought it at an antique store years ago because it was so neat. I don’t really have a use for it so it will decorate Baby Lurch’s temporary cup home.

In my kitchen…


… is a gorgeous bowl of strawberries. I couldn’t resist them. They tasted as good as they looked.

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