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When my brother came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we decided to do something outdoors to enjoy what was probably the last pretty weekend of the year. We went to the Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, about an hour from my house. The village was home to the Shakers, a religious sect, from 1805 to 1910. The Shakers believed in hard work for the communal good, peace and equality, and celibacy. During our tour of the grounds, we saw their excellent craftsmanship in construction and efficiency. For more about the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, go here or here.

My brother, Charlie, and I

A glimpse at just a bit of the stone fences that cover acres of farmland.

The kitchen to the main house. Notice the pegs. They were everywhere. Over 3,000 of them in the village. The Shakers believed in hanging things up so they could clean, clean, clean.

The Main House

Gorgeous fall colors.

A lone tree in the field.

Can you imagine living here? Gorgeous!

A garden spider.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour. If you get a change, check out the Shaker Village for yourself!