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It’s hard to believe but here we are! ONE YEAR! When I started this, I had no idea how rewarding blogging would be. I have made new friends, learned new culinary skills, and explored different ingredients. I am so glad to be here, at this milestone, looking forward with great excitement to the next year.

Thank you so much to all the viewers-

My family- So many of them have passed on my link to their friends. Thank you!

My Friends- For telling me about the fantastic foods you have eaten, tried in your own kitchen, or flavor combos that have inspired you. My friend David was the one who inspired the Salad with Salt-Roasted Beets, Pecans, and Blue Cheese, an amazing flavor combination and a dish I could never tire of.

The blogging community- Such a kind, supportive place where you can learn how to make new things (I want to try this Jewelry Cork Board), where you can meet fantastic new people (Greg and Katherine, Rosemary, Karen, Celia, Ashley, and Cecilia, to name a few), travel to new parts of the world (like the country of Georgia), and see beautiful things every day (like these gorgeous flower photos by Portraits of Wildflowers). Suffice it to say that the blogging world is phenomenal! You all have taught me so much and opened my eyes to a whole new world!

And those who just stumbled across Annashortcakes by accident. I wouldn’t be here without you!

To celebrate, I thought I would recognize some milestones of the blog.

Post with the Most Views~ Calico Beans~ October 17, 2011 with 615 views

Post with the Least Views~ Raspberry Cheesecake~ November 22, 2011 with only 1 view 😦

Post with the Most Comments~ Brie, Basil, Bacon, and Blue Grilled Cheese~ June 4, 2012 with 14 comments

Busiest Day at the Blog and It’s Post ~ Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy~   June 16, 2012 with 176 Views

Commenter with the Most Comments ~ Greg at Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide~ 160 Comments

The First Recipe Post~ Enchilada Verde with Mexican Rice

My Favorite Post ~ Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Brie Grilled Cheese~ April 7, 2012

Total Number of Views~ 9,607

(Not the 10,000 I had hoped for but pretty dang close!)

Total Number of Subscribers~ 89

Total Number of Posts~ 241

Total Number of Comments~ 795

I am so happy to have reached this milestone with your love and support. Thank you for all that you have done to help me reach this point. Stay tuned for more adventures in food, flavor, and technique as I continue to explore this great foodie world!