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My birthday is May 6. I just turned 26. Closer to 30 than 20. Old. Ok, not really. But I feel old. I loved being 25. It was the perfect age. Able to drive, drink, vote, and generally do as I please. I have mostly rewarding job that supports what I consider a very good life. As promising as the life these little birds have to look forward to!

It is easy, though, to become complacent. To live within your box. To do what is comfortable. I want to progress. I want to continue learning. I want to be the best me possible.

I was inspired by Mike at Made by Mike to start this list. It is almost like a bucket list, only more manageable. So here are the 26 things I want to do before I turn 27.

1. Travel outside of the country. Canada counts.

2. Eat a food I have never previously tried.  7/18/12 – Jack fruit

3. Red presidential biographies through President Martin Van Buren.

4. Make pizza on the grill.  8/3/12 – see post here

5. Finish the cross stitch project I started last year.

6. Go to Thunder Over Louisville.

7. Go to a wine tasting.  9/12/12 – Breax Winery in Loudon County, VA

8. Run another 5K (or longer if I can get off the couch and get in shape).

9. Get a professional massage.

10. Purchase new furniture for my house.

11. Paint my kitchen.

12. Go out on a fancy date with the hubby.

13. Buy a bookshelf for my National Geographic collection… Yes, I am a nerd!

14. Start a compost pile.

15. Make homemade pasta.

16. Buy a decorator kit and make gorgeous cupcakes.

17. See Niagara Falls.

18. Go canoeing/kayaking.

19. Volunteer at a worthy charity/organization.

20. Buy a pair of chopsticks and learn how to use them.

21. Mail a secret to PostSecret (my most favorite blog).

22. Go to IKEA.

23. Repair a relationship. If not able to repair it, heal from the loss and move forward.  Making progress on this one!

24. Dye my hair red (or a shade of red).

25. Be able to do 10 pushups without a break.

26.  Enjoy my 26th year as much as I enjoyed the 25th.