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I love good Brie. It is so creamy and decadent with that good umami flavor that I seem to crave. Supposedly American brie is significantly different than French brie. It has something to do with the type/amount of mold used in making the cheese. Who knew? I have never been to France but I can’t wait to see if this theory is true. (For an interesting cheese article, go here.)

I purchased Fleurs de France brie at a local chain grocery. Though not a place where I normally expect to find good cheese, this brie was very nice.

I ate it plain and on the Brie, Basil, Bacon and Blue Grilled Cheese featured here about a week ago.

It was different that other brie that I have had in the past (not that I have had that many). It had the typical Brie flavor, accented by chives and parsley. The herby-ness was subtle but very nice.

The rind and color of the cheese were similar to other bries. I did note that the cheese was slightly firmer than other brie. That oozy cheese in the very center of the wheel was notably less. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It held up very nicely for my sandwich. It would be a good cheese to use in a savory appetizer using brie.

This cheese was about $13 per pound, making it a reasonably priced specialty cheese.