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Many of you may remember my previous post Garlic, Lemon, and Herb Cheese.  I was pretty excited to see the results, especially in light of my friend David’s fantastic cheese.

The results are in! And it was a success…

Though there will be some future changes. Finished cheese on a bagel chip….

Texture- The texture was creamy and smooth, just like I expected it to be. I let the cheese drain for 3 days. That was the longest I thought it needed to work. But after the cheese sat in a container for a day, a surprising amount of liquid had seeped out. Next time, I will either allow it to sit longer or I will use a sieve instead of a strainer to hold my cheese.

Flavor- The flavor is garlicy, lemon-y and herb-y. Maybe a bit too garlicy. I had hoped for a more subtle garlic flavor. Instead, it tasted a bit raw. Next time, I intend to roast a head of garlic and mash a few cloves into a paste. The thyme and lemon were right on. I have recently become obsessed with lemon zest, which I love in this cheese.

Overall, I will certainly make this again. My in-laws like it very much when they came to visit. It would also make a nice appetizer for work functions, for presents, for appetizers.