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Look at this gorgeous cheese. Love those pieces and bits of truffles. MMMM!

Originally made in Italy, it has bits of black truffles nestled in the off-white cow’s milk cheese. The outside rind of the cheese is actually composed of ash, herbs, and spices. Wonder who discovered that aging technique?

The cheese is a semi-soft with a mild scent of truffles and a stronger flavor. I sampled the cheese with the rind, without the rind, and the rind separately. I have to say I love the cheese. It is mild but flavorful. The truffles are nice, especially since there are some obvious pieces included.

Not so much on the rind, though. It is grainy, gritty, and there was little flavor. I will probably cut it off in the future.

I can’t imagine pairing this cheese with much of anything. The whole point of the cheese is the truffles. Why smother that flavor? I suggest you try this one. It is special.