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On Friday, Kentucky was about 75 degrees and there were dangerous thunderstorms/tornadoes. Today, it is 40 degrees, spitting snow, and there is a winter weather advisory. The saying goes “If you don’t like the weather now, wait five minutes. It will change.” How true that is.

Some of you may remember my previous post about the Sorghum Festival held yearly in West Liberty KY. Well, that little town is no more. It was hit by a tornado around 5pm Friday afternoon. Death toll in that town has reached 5; over thirty people were killed across the Midwest because of the same band of storms.

Below: The Methodist Church in West Liberty. The photo on the top I took last year. The photo below is from The Original Weather Blog.

A video taken of the storm by a local resident:

Another link from CBS news with more shots of the buildings destroyed: CBS News Coverage

My in-laws live about 20 miles from West Liberty and had tennis ball sized hail. It knocked off the side mirrors of their car, busted the windshield, and severely damaged the roof on both porches. Property can be replaced. Thank God our family is safe.

If you want to donate time, clothes, or money to those suffering because of this tornado, contact the American Red Cross in your community or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Remember, not only did these people lose their homes and businesses, they don’t even have warm coats and a safe place to sleep. It will be a long time before West Liberty can recover from this blow. You can help make a difference.