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A couple of weeks ago, a morning television show featured Simply Naked Pinot Grigio, a California wine from 2010. The unoaked line is made in a 100% stainless steel barrels on the theory that the flavors will be cleaner and fresher. According to the wine maker, Ryan Flock, “Unoaked wines really allow people to taste how the Merlot grape is supposed to taste, or a Chardonnay grape and so on”.

Described as “Crisp and refreshing with layers of lime and melon. It is light bodied with aromas of peach, passion fruit, and hints of spice.”

I enjoyed this wine, especially since I got it on sale for $6.99. The lack of oak is noticeable and the flavor is very clean. The labeling translates the simplicity that this wine is supposed to embody.  (I don’t know about you, but I sometimes buy a wine based on how appealing the labeling is). Next time you serve a light pasta dish or some Brie with a crusty bread, I suggest you try this wine.