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National Public Radio did a segment on what people call the carbonated, sometimes caramel colored, sweetened beverage that our nation drinks in huge quantities. I grew up in an area that called this beverage “coke”. If ordering at a restaurant, I will order either water or coke. Every carbonated beverage is called coke- with the exception of orange drinks or Dr. Pepper.

(I got this graph at http://popvssoda.com/countystats/total-county.html).

I think it is pretty interesting that the North and South are divided so drastically! This graph fails to take in to account for the local beverages that people greatly enjoy. Where I live, the beverage of choice is Ale-8-1. For others Shenandoah Root Beer (sold in Virginia) or Cheerwine (found mostly in Tennessee and the Carolinas) are the local treats.

Regardless of what your sugary carbonated beverage is called, think about this:

The approximate serving size of each soda is 20 ounces. Did you know that the average person drinks approximately 50 GALLONS of soda per you? That is 320 servings per year. There are 17 teaspoons of sugar in each 20 ounce serving. That means Americans are drinking 1813 tablespoons (5440 teaspoons) of sugar!

Fact: 15 calories being in an teaspoon of white sugar.

Fact: The average American consumes 5440 teaspoons of sugar from sodas alone.

15 calories per teaspoon x 5440 teaspoons equals 81,600 calories per year from soda alone!

Moral of the story- Regardless of what you call it, it is terrible for you! Sheesh! Who knew one simple, sweetly innocent beverage would cause such havoc on your diet?!?