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I love food… It is a huge part of my Americana.   I was raised on Appalachian/ Southern cuisine. Nearly every night my mother had a made from scratch dinner on the table. Family reunions and church dinners also helped shape my understanding that all social occasions are made better around a plate a delicious food.

In my own family I try to continue this tradition.  I cook at least 5 times per week. Quite a lot I have been told for someone of my age (25), a full-time employee, and a member of the “now” generation. I try to avoid fast food, prepackaged food, and foods that contain chemicals I cannot pronounce. I am convinced that I can make delicious, healthy, and fast foods that save my family money and make us happy. 

Sitting  around the dinner table every night is a favorite memory of mine.  I consider myself blessed that I probably ate fast food twice a month. The rest of the time it was homemade all the way. There is nothing my mother (and my grandmothers) cannot cook and cook well. I aspire to reach that pinnacle.